Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Regency Clothing for Mr. Loomis

This past weekend Mr. Loomis and I were honored to go to an event at Historic Tunnel Mill, a lovely up-and-coming historic site just outside of Louisville, KY.  This was Mr. Loomis's first event in 1812 clothing, and he thoroughly enjoyed it.  In preparation I completed a few projects that were in my mind to make since Jane Austen Festival last July--clothes worthy of a Regency Dandy.

First was the shirt.  To be honest, I picked up and put down this project so many times that I forget how long it took me!  I had it on the roster since Fall of last year, and it's not even completed yet (it still needs a few reinforcements).  I used the Kannik's Korner pattern and a very light, delightful handkerchief linen.

A picture of the shirt in progress--I'm immensely pleased with the little chest ruffle.

Next on the list was fall-front breeches.  I used the Kannik's Korner trouser pattern modified into breeches--I think next I'll make him a pair with a shaped seat and a slightly tighter leg.

Sam helped cut them out before a night of English Country Dancing--very appropriate!

Before I put the fall buttons on, this was their state.  Fall fronts really aren't that difficult, it's just a matter of motivation!

Next up was a double breasted waistcoat.  I made the mistake of only getting 1/2 yard of silk (and in a stripe!) so it was a headache to cut it out, but I did it without having to piece anything!  I had made a waistcoat before for my friend David, but it was single breasted and had no welt pockets--needless to say this one was an experience and a half.  I had to alter the pattern to account for the double-breast, had to attach twice the buttons and sew my very first welt pockets ever.  I'm pleased with how it turned out!

This is the waistcoat that served as the main piece of inspiration for Sam's waistcoat.

This is the fabric I had left after cutting the waistcoat out--I really pushed the limits on this one!

Preparing to padstitch (one of my favorite things!)


My first completed welt pocket!  I sewed these very late at night--I was tempted to leave them off of this waistcoat but they really did improve the look.

Since I'm a procrastinator, I didn't get his wool tailcoat finished quite yet, but my dear friends Julie and Terry sold us one of Terry's old tailcoats, which fit Sam impeccably.  He wore a straw hat from Regency Revisited and brown-top boots from Fugawee (a little present for our one year anniversary coming up!)  Here is him all dressed out and looking sharp.

Doesn't he look handsome?

A view of the back

Showing off the waistcoat--we've decided to make the blue wool into a tailcoat that just barely buttons in the front so he can wear it open and show this lovely thing off!

It came down to the wire on a few of the projects but I'm so happy we got him out for his first 1812 event!  He's very excited and can't wait to go to another reenactment--and neither can I!

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